Jordan Historical Museum

The Jordan Historical Museum is a municipally owned and operated community museum, focusing on the material culture and heritage of the five communities within the boundaries of the Town of Lincoln.  The Museum was established in 1953 and has a focus on Pennsylvania German Mennonite and Loyalist settler histories.  It is located on approximately one acre of land in the tourist destination Village of Jordan.  The museum consists of three buildings; two historic structures and one turn of the century house.  The two historic structures are the Fry House, an 1815 Pennsylvania German Mennonite log farmhouse and an 1859 Stone Schoolhouse, which have been restored to 1835 and 1908 respectively. The museum administration and exhibit area is located in the turn of the century renovated domestic house dubbed Heritage House.  Heritage House is situated at the entrance to the museum site on Main Street.

Working with museum staff and the Town of Lincoln WeatherstonBruer designed a major new addition for the museum.  The new facility will house the museum’s entire collection and provide expanded exhibit and visitor amenity facilities.  The collection includes historic artifacts, a valuable textile collection and works of art.  It is sensitive to the scale of the surrounding residential community while being respectful to the historic buildings on the site that are the Museum’s main attractions.  The building was also designed to be as sustainable as possible within the framework of a tight budget.