Harvard University

Mineralogical and Geological Museum


The Harvard Mineralogical and Geological Museum (HMGM) is responsible for managing and caring for the University’s geological collection.  Assembled since the late eighteenth century the collection is a legacy of vigorous research and teaching in various fields of geology including mineralogy, petrology, mining and planetary sciences.  The University’s Earth and Planetary Sciences Department use the collection in active teaching and research programs.

Currently the collection is housed in several locations around campus.  Storage conditions and equipment vary widely depending on location.  The Museum’s long-term priority is to consolidate the collection in a single location in new or renovated facilities designed specifically for collection care and management.  As a first step in that process WeatherstonBruer Associates were retained to assist the Museum in achieving that priority.

Working closely with Museum staff WBA undertook a detailed collection assessment.  The results included a review of the collection and an assessment of the collection and equipment requirements.  It includes a review of existing collection care and management facilities and projects the facility requirements the Museum will need in the years to come.  The final report outlines the necessary facilities and criteria to appropriately house the collection for the Museum’s and University’s search for new facilities.